Grade 4/5 Unit Plan

Here is the document for my pre-internship unit plan!

UNIT PLAN- Grade 4/5 Health Education

This unit plan is based on respect. Throughout this unit plan, the goal is to teach students how to gain respect for self, others, and the community. In the grade 4/5 health curriculum, it strongly emphasizes that respect is the foundation of which students will need to develop an understanding throughout their learning process. The subject areas that will be integrated into this unit are Health Education, English Language Arts, Arts Education, and Science. Students need to initially start to learn about respect through health and well-being. Then, students will be able to understand the importance of self-respect, they will be able to look at broader perspectives which include others and community. The essential question for this unit plan is, “what does respect look like?”. This unit then branches into the big idea of “what does it mean to respect ourselves in healthy ways?”, which is learning about how health affects self, others, and the community in relation to respect.